KNAV Austria

I’m a Technical Team Lead and (Cloud) Platforms Engineer, living in the central north of France. In a former life I was a Microsoft PFE, T3 Escalation Engineer at Dell, HP Support Escalation Engineer … A career stretching back to the MS-DOS era early 1995.

Learned a lot and met amazingly talented people of which I can call some a close friend. Great times, until I discovered there was nothing new to explore, stuck in a career with no chance to grow. So, after a long period of doubt (was giving up a good paying job without even knowing what to do next) I quit, booked a flight to Paris and started as a one-man-shop. Regrets? No. I’ve had my share of blunders and absurdities creeping in, but never would go back.

What else? I’m interested in far too much topics ranging from science to history, astronomy, robotics, kendo and iaijutsu, mixed ice climbing, trekking the French Alps, my (2008) GSXR 600, rehearsing paradiddles, learning Gaelic, and more.

Guess that’s it. Want a short overview of my professional skills? Check this page for my latest resume. For a more detailled version, send a connection request on LinkedIn.

Go n-éirí an bothar leat,